Run215 - Jon Lyons

Early last week we had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Jon Lyons, founder of Run215. It was a great opportunity for us to make some cool portraits, and a pleasure for me  because I have enjoyed the support and community that Jon’s website has built for the city of Philadelphia. It was no shock to see that Philadelphia Magazine declared them the best running website for 2015. 

The shoot started out before sunrise. Jon met us at the studio around 5am. We had some coffee and discussed our game plan before heading around the corner to get some running shots in front of Pat’s and Geno’s. 

The coffee was never too far out of frame that morning.

After shooting at Passyunk and Wharton for a little while  we made our way over to the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia for a more gritty location. 

After another coffee break we made our way out to the Wissahickon for some trail running photos. 

Jon and Theresa

Finally we made our way back to the studio for some more formal portraits.  Despite temperatures being in the high 90s on our shoot day, we still needed to add some more sweat in the photos.  

To make fake sweat use pure glycerin and mix it with water. A 2-1 ratio worked well for us.

Click here for a gallery of images of Jon Lyons that are available to license.

Thanks for visiting my new website!

It has been a long time in the works, but I finally have a new website up. My hope is that I’ve broken my images down into some galleries that make a bit more cohesive sense together, and that it focuses on the work that I enjoy doing the most. And for the first time ever, I’ve included a tear sheet section on the site so you can see how some of my work has appeared in the wild. 

 Big thanks to Anthony Smyrski and Jon Loudon at Random Embassy for the new logo. 

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